Feb 10, 2015 Gett smart on your wrist with Android Wear Posted in BLOG, Gett, News, Social, Technologies, Technology, by GetTaxi team

For all you Android lovers out there, boy have we got a treat for you. Gett now has an Android Wear app that you can use directly from your wrist, just by talking to your wearable device (providing nobody thinks you’re crazy speaking to yourself!)

You can book a taxi or black car in a matter of seconds plus get push notifications, the driver’s distance, estimated arrival time, set your destination address, pay and rate the driver, all with a simple swipe and tap gestures on the smartwatch. Getting a taxi has never been easier.

With people constantly on the move, ordering a taxi has always been an on-the-go endeavour but our new Android Wear app now eliminates the extra steps of going into your pocket, especially with smartphones just getting bigger and bigger.

The Gett Android Wear app is available to download on the Google Play Store and will automatically initiate on your connected Android Wear device.

Android Wear1

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Jan 28, 2015 Behind the Scenes - How Gett uses Amazon Web Services Posted in Behind The Scenes, Technologies, by GetTaxi team

The Challenge

Transportation on demand is a non fault tolerant business, where the cost of error is high, systems need to respond rapidly to the rise in demand, and predictability is low. We need to earn the trust of our users that they can leave their car at home by providing a reliable service that is available 24/7. We also need to make this as comfortable as possible for them with friction free transition. This means that there is no acceptable downtime.

 Why AWS

Amazon web services provide a highly available and flexible architecture which can be managed. We went all in, and today we have zero production systems anywhere else. With every new service we launch, we try to use more of AWS’ managed services, since they allow a small ops team to support global operations.

We use RDS for most of our databases, S3 for file storage, and EC2 for our servers. We use ELB for load balancing, Autoscaling. Elasticache is used for caching and is also the host storage used for our in-house queueing/message broker system We also use Route53, and are looking into several other AWS services.

The biggest advantage for me as a Devops engineer is the Amazon Ecosystem, where I can manage everything with code. The AWS Ruby API is the most comfortable API I have ever worked with, and everything can run from Jenkins. The different services connect flawlessly, and I can create tools for our developers and testing automation engineers to use easily and invisibly.

Blue/Green Deployment with Autoscale groups and pre-provisioned AMIs

In order to be able to respond quickly to the rise in demand, and scale down when it is absent to be cost effective, we use autoscale groups with cloudwatch alarms to scale up and down accordingly. In order to allow the scaling to be as fast as possible, we asynchronously create pre-provisioned AMI’s which only need to start upon entry.

In order to allow a switchover without downtime, we simply load additional groups with our new versions, remove the old groups, and since they are all in the same load balancer and share a data store, its invisible to the user. On the left we see the production system for a single service. When we want to deploy an update to a service, we simply create a new autoscale group in the same load balancer as you can see on the right. After a post deploy test, The deployment is complete when the old autoscale group is deleted. This is of course only for a single service, but this same model is used for multiple services to allow a seamless deployment with no downtime.



Queueing/Message Broker with  Elasticache as storage

Our event driven architecture allows us to scale each service component separately and dynamically. In order to move data between services we use an in-house developed message broker system called ServiceHub.

ServiceHub is a pure RESTful message broker – messages are published by the services to it via a REST API, and delivered to the consumers via REST APIs as well. This makes it very easy to create services based on any technology, as there are no library dependencies to fulfil in order to connect to the message broker.

ServiceHub is the heart of our event-driven service-oriented architecture and it needs to pass messages at near-realtime latency. For that, it has to be backed by a message data store which is in-memory (to guarantee sufficiently low latency), but is also reliable and persistent. ElastiCache fits the bill perfectly and we are very happy with it.  Additionally, atomic Lua script execution afforded by the ElastiCache Redis is excellent for small critical code sections that manage data manipulation in the message broker queues.


Gil Max

Written by Gil Zellner, Devops Engineer and Max Rozenoer, Server Side Developer.

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Jan 22, 2015 $10 rides are here to stay in Central Manhattan Posted in BLOG, Gett, Gett Promotions, News, by GetTaxi team



$10 rides are here to stay in Central Manhattan

Oh yes…. you heard it right…

You loved our $10 rides last year, that’s why we’ve decided to keep them in central Manhattan. Gett around for the amazing rate of $10, anytime, anywhere between Houston and Central Park South.

We have some pretty amazing rates throughout the rest of NYC too and to airports, so just open the app and enter your destination for an amazingly competitive price quote before you ride.

We know it it’s been frustrating to get a car and the entire Gett team is working super hard on getting more drivers on the road to ensure that you can always get one.

Forget about surge pricing and use Gett today.

We’ve entirely separated driver pay and passenger fares. Gett pays double what Uber pays and 100% of the tip on top of that straight to the drivers. On average drivers working full-time for Gett make $1,500 a week (after commission and tax deductions) and some of Gett drivers are making over $2,500 a week.

We need more drivers so if you’re interested here’s the link www.gett.com/drivers

A quick guide on how to ride:

  • Download the Gett app on your iPhone or Android here
  • Register your credit/debit card in the app
  • Tap for a car and invite your friends to join. They get $20 off their first ride, and you get $20 when they ride with your code


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Oct 29, 2014 Gett involved in Shriek Week - you’re all invited Posted in BLOG, Gett, News, Social, by GetTaxi team

A horrible hello to all of you grizzly ghouls today… can you sense a theme coming on?

Gett welcomes you with boney open arms to Shriek Week.

We’ve got a lot of fun stuff lined up for you as Halloween edges ever closer but we don’t want to spoil the surprises just yet (muhaha). Prepare for the worst and head over to Twitter to stay on top of all of our spine-tingling updates.

Here’s a little taster of what’s in-store for you…

Wheel of Doom – Try your luck in the Wheel of Doom… will you get trick or treat?
Killer competition – Got a photo in your spooktacular Halloween gear? Share it with us on Twitter and the best outfit wins Gett bucks

We hope we haven’t tortured you too much – the best is yet to come.

And remember to stay safe in Manhattan this Halloween. Don’t Gett caught out waiting for a ghost train or hanging around on the sidewalk where the monsters lurk. We think $10 is a bargain for that…

We’re just dying to see you this weekend.

Happy Halloween.

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Oct 15, 2014 We’re doubling driver pay. Permanently. Posted in BLOG, Driver, by GetTaxi team

Today we’re super excited to announce our new driver pay. We’ll be paying drivers double what our competitors are paying and on top all our valued drivers get 100% of tips. Gett drivers who work 50 hours a week can earn $100,000 a year, and upwards of $110,000 including tip, a significantly higher median income than our competitors’ claim. We only works with legal licensed drivers affiliated with its partner fleets.


Our drivers earn an additional $500 when they complete their first 20 jobs, and an additional $500 for every driver they recruit to work with us.  Additionally, we also offer all our drivers a customer training course, tablet and data – all free.


We’ve experienced unprecedented demand following the launch of our “$10 Anywhere” promotion in early September where all rides throughout Manhattan cost just $10 for consumers, regardless of distance, traffic or time, until the end of 2014.


Drivers interested in joining Gett should visit www.gett.com/drivers or call us on 1-855-200-4388



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