Jan 10, 2013 Note From Nimrod May, VP Marketing At GetTaxiPosted in BLOG, GT Israel, by GetTaxi team

Hi, I’m Nimrod May, VP marketing at GetTaxi,

Some of you might know me, but most of you don’t, so here’s a brief intro: I’m 40, father to
two charming young girls. Before GetTaxi I worked for Disney channels, and for a few other
leading hi-tech companies. Further down the road I used to own a delicatessen and a wine &
cheese bistro in the “old north” part of Tel Aviv.

It was more than two years ago when I met with Shahar Waiser – the seasoned
entrepreneur – who presented the vision of getting a taxi with the push of a button, offered
me the position of Vice President of marketing in a company that was being born. It took
one night of thought for me to decide to rise to the challenge. Two years later and here I am,
managing marketing arrays in four countries across three continents, and well on the way to
win over more cities and countries and the hearts of new customers and drivers around the

We started the company in a small office in Herzeliya, where we dreamed of, thought up
and planned the launch of the service in the first country – Israel.

We worked days and nights with our R&D department to fully understand and define the
product, inside and out, and to bring it to the drivers and to private and business clients.

It wasn’t easy. Put yourselves in our shoes for a moment – coming from the fast paced world
of apps and servers, and trying to change a well-established industry which hold its own set
of rules. Who could predict if our solution is suited to the drivers and customers used to
calling to order a taxi or hailing a cab on the street with whistles and flailing hands?

The greatest challenge was convincing drivers to join the service. We took a deep look
and interviewed hundreds of drivers to better understand the problems and issues of the
profession. We quickly discovered that most discontent comes from unfair dispatching, high
dispatch fees and when phoned orders result in no-shows.

The findings made us realize that GetTaxi is exactly the kind service sought after by drivers: a
dispatch service which treats drivers and clients like a family, attractive fees, a system which
pairs drivers to fares according to distance and availability rather than the driver’s social
stature in the service, and mainly, a platform which connects the passenger to the driver.

More than a year and half later and our loud-and-clear message was accepted with open
arms. We recruited many quality drivers, made numerous appearances in all media
channels, advertised on billboards and in mobile apps, and are involved in many commercial
cooperations. Today we serve thousands of satisfied drivers and hundreds of thousands of
clients, and receive millions of orders.

To sum up, it’s a tough job. The road is long and hard, and our marketing department
constantly inspires to improve the brand experience and service. The obvious conclusion
is that a large part of our current success is due to the drivers and the great experience
they give to our customers. The better the service – the greater the numbers of GetTaxi
passengers. This mission lies on all our shoulders – so be GetTaxi’s ambassadors, help us tell
our story, and together we’ll see the GetTaxi banner flying all around the globe. J

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