Oct 26, 2015 Gett Salad Posted in Blog, News, Social, by GetTaxi team

Feeling so hungry you could eat a horse? We wouldn’t recommend that. We can however, suggest a more healthy option that’s much quicker and easier to obtain. It’s time to get your crunch on London and say hello to Gett Salad.


Starting today, you can order a tasty Gett Salad courtesy of our friends at Chop’d from 11am to 8pm, Mondays to Thursdays, in the Gett app.



Keeping to our speedy promise of getting it to you in ten minutes, you can choose a different salad each day and get it sent straight to your home or office if you’re in Soho, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Paddington, Clerkenwell, the City, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia or Kensington. Check out the four bestsellers from Chop’d that we’re offering below…


Monday – Chicken and Avocado (£6.50)

Tuesday – Jerk Chicken (£6.50)

Wednesday – Parma Ham and Mozzarella (£7)

Thursday – Chop’d Classic Cobb (£7)


So don’t be a salad dodger. Lettuce know what your favourite is. And we’ll try and think of a better joke next time.


Your Gett Team

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Aug 26, 2015 Share the love with Gett Iced Coffee Posted in Blog, Events, News, Social, Uncategorized, by GetTaxi team

Yes, we know the tube strike’s been called off. No, that’s not going to stop us. That’s right, we’ve decided to carry on with our plan to bring Iced Coffee to the masses.

From 9am – 3pm this Wednesday (26th August) you’ll be able to order Iced Coffee, on-demand, in the app. For just £1, you’ll get two tasty iced coffees so you can share the love with a friend, colleague or just devour the double caffeine fix yourself.

Simply open the app and you’ll be offered the chance to order ‘Gett Iced Coffee’, in the same way you would select a black cab or Gett Clicquot. Available 9am across select London areas, if you’re eligible to order the app will show Gett Iced Coffee automatically.


Invite your friends to download the app and use code GETT30 – they’ll be credited with £30 – enough to order you both an iced coffee and still plenty left for a free ride home (first time rides only.)

Being in the office isn’t so bad after all!

Gett <3

Ps. remember to mention us on Twitter and tag us on Instagram using #GettIced.

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Aug 6, 2015 Gett Chocolate Posted in Blog, Social, Uncategorized, by GetTaxi team

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you may already be aware that there is (another) tube strike from 6.30pm today (Wednesday 5th August) lasting for 24 hours. Now we understand that this is going to be pretty disruptive… but there’s no need to go into meltdown – Gett is here to save the day (just like last time) and we’ve also got a sweet little treat for you to sink your teeth into.

This Thursday from 10am – 3pm, you’ll be able to order Gett Chocolate in the app courtesy of our friends at Cadbury, and not only that, it’s completely FREE. Sweeten up your day with a bag of Cadbury Twirl Bites if you’re in one of the select London locations.* There’s limited supply though, so hurry to order yours!

To book simply open the app, and if you’re in an eligible area you will have the option to order Gett Chocolate for ASAP delivery. This will appear at the top of the screen alongside our vehicle classes. Enjoy!


Whether you’re braving the bus in, working from home or arriving on time in a Gett Taxi, treat yourself this Thursday with Gett Chocolate and share your photos with us on social using


We’ll of course be working around-the-clock through the tube strike so be sure to pre-book your Gett and allow extra time for your journey. London’s going to be heaving but fear not, we’ll Gett you there.

Your Gett Team

*Gett Chocolate is available on 06/08/15 from 10am – 3pm in parts of Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, the City, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia & Kensington. Request in the app, one order per customer. Limited availability so get in quick, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Jul 28, 2015 Gett Clicquot - Champagne on-demand Posted in Driver, Social, Technologies, Uncategorized, by GetTaxi team

You may remember us back in April shouting about our name change to Gett and that we’d soon be bringing you a whole lot more super cool stuff on-demand.

That time has come Go-Getters and it’s with great pleasure that we announce our first new service available to you from today, Gett Clicquot – Champagne at your fingertips, in partnership with world-renowned Champagne House, Veuve Clicquot.


From 4-10pm every day, you’ll be able to order a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label complete with two Champagne flutes and an ice jacket for the price of £50, supplied by Amathus UK Ltd. Not only that, but we’ll deliver all this to you within 10 minutes of ordering if you’re in or around Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, the City, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia or Kensington. You’ll be finding an excuse to celebrate all the time at this rate!

Celebrating something special or want to treat a friend or partner? Head to the Gett app (download the latest version if you haven’t already) and look out for Gett Clicquot on the home screen. Order a bottle for yourself or send one to a friend – just make sure they’re in one of the participating London areas mentioned above.

Share the love on social – we’d love to see how you’re celebrating with your Gett Clicquot goodies. Tag us on Twitter and Instagram using #GettMoments.

And don’t forget, you can Gett Clicquot in ten minutes flat – speedy service straight to your door.

We just love little surprises – don’t you? We’ll raise a glass to that.

*Gett Clicquot is available from 4-10pm every day in London through the Gett app. Participating areas include Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, the City, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia and Kensington. Over 18s only.

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Jul 21, 2015 Travelling for Business? What to use: Taxi, Private Car Service, Corporate Limo? Posted in Behind The Scenes, Blog, Corporate Travel, Gett for Business, Technologies, by GetTaxi team

Artboard 1

What your company should ask before outsourcing its corporate transportation services.

It’s 1 p.m. EDT. You’re at JFK, on a delayed flight from Heathrow. Your presentation to a new client in mid-town Manhattan is at 3 p.m. Your company’s travel coordinator just texted you that the corporate limo service they booked is running late. There’s no time for her to find other options. So you hit the taxi stand, avoid that greasy spot on the cab’s back seat, pray you’ll make it in time through gridlock, and calculate the hefty price of your last-minute alternative.

It’s 11:15 a.m. BST. Fifteen minutes after your phone’s app confirms, a minicab pulls up in front of Deutsche Bank London’s main entrance. Other drivers protest its abrupt stop on one of the city’s most congested streets. You have a noon lunch and contract discussion at The Wolseley to focus on, so you try to shrug off the cab driver’s rumpled indifference and the service’s abrupt price increase.

Your company’s travel department – and two-dozen of your frequent-travel employees – has begun to use an on-demand executive car service on a trial basis. As CFO, you’ve asked the car service provider to give you weekly reports on utilisation and costs. Meanwhile, the travel team must schedule a multiple-car transport for your trade-show staff to and from the Javits Center at the end of the month. The provider isn’t responding on either request.

While technology is revolutionising how cab and taxi services operate, customised service still rules for road warriors. Business travellers and their companies’ travel managers still expect the features offered by traditional car services or their company’s own fleet. What’s changed is how technology can help them speed booking and record-keeping for corporate car, private sedan, black car/cab and corporate limousine services to reduce line costs, expense reporting and executive time lost.

It’s easy (but wrong) to assume that any app-driven on-demand corporate transportation service will meet specific business needs. Or that outsourcing premium executive ground transportation services are not worth the price.

Artboard 10

How do you determine if outsourcing a corporate ground transportation service is right for your company?

In a recent blog, RAS Consulting recently provided a list of considerations.

  • Does the corporate car service provide direct account billing with detailed reconciliation in one easy to access data platform?

  • Does the service offer a future (reserved) booking option?

  • Can the corporate car service prioritize requests based on your employee rank or their projects?

  • Does the service’s reporting data help meet your business rules requirements, e.g. cost center, client matter numbers, all which are integral for

    internal chargebacks or expense allocation?

  • Does the service allow an assistant, administrator or travel manager to order transport on behalf of another employee?

  • Does the service allow booking of multiple cars at one time?

  • Are there gaps in the company’s driver training, licensing and certification protocols that can put your company’s employees at risk?

  • Does the company have a process in place to weed out substandard drivers through criminal background checks?

  • Does the company provide any MIS or reporting on their ride data?

  • Does the company offer negotiated rates to help corporate clients predict expenses and meet procurement requirements?

  • Does the corporate car service you’re contemplating offer a robust web portal that allows your transportation staff and employees to reserve rides for a trip, confirm details and manage expenses?

Artboard 6

How do I know the drivers at the executive car company or cab service I choose will be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and safe?

While other app-enabled on-demand ride companies hire a potpourri of unlicensed drivers of varying skills, Gett.com, a web and mobile enabled service, works only with established quality licensed private car and cab services. Driving employees of more than half the Fortune 500 companies, Gett currently operates in 50 cities on three continents (25 in the UK, 22 in Israel, 2 in Russia, and New York City).

In New York City, Gett’s corporate car service includes a network of 14 black car and limousine companies whose licensed drivers are screened and hand-picked before joining the Gett team, then trained on Gett standards for appearance, customer service and dispatch protocols.

Gett’s New York City pricing is fixed based on travel within a grid system. During peak periods, its no surge pricing rule can reduce a fare by 250 percent compared with other tech-enabled on-demand ride services. With Gett, fixed fares in New York City are always fixed. While Gett pays its drivers surge rates during peak periods, businesses and consumers don’t pay anything extra.

Key to Gett UK’s efficiency under 10 kilometers is that these drivers can use bus lanes and actually know where they’re going. In London and other UK cities, Gett works exclusively with more than 7,000 iconic licensed black cab drivers. In contrast, to address the fact that their drivers often get lost, Uber developed a free-to-download game to help them navigate better.

Says Jean Alfred, head of drivers for Gett NYC, “We have one set of rules for our drivers, who provide our first and best impression. Our dress code is strict: A standard black suit, white shirt and tie, no sneakers. Our system notifies drivers who they will pick up, when and where, one hour before the designated pick up time. If we’re meeting a business customer at the airport, we hold a sign with their name and keep the car’s blinkers on. We open the customer’s door for them and handle their luggage.”

William Justice, who has owned his London-based black cab since 1991 and has driven for Gett since 2012, ought to know: “We black cab drivers go through a rigorous apprenticeship that requires us to memorize Central London’s entire street network, major buildings and landmarks and pass a series of high level driving and customer service tests,” Justice says. “We know how to get business customers where they need to be quickly and efficiently. We try to avoid congested arteries, taking customers to the most accessible entrances of major buildings.” Safety and security are paramount, he adds: “Black cab drivers’ backgrounds are regularly checked by the British government for any criminal violations: our actions are scrutinized at the same level as our country’s schoolteachers! What’s more, our fixed tariffs are recorded by meters that are controlled by government-inspected SIM cards.”

As a black cab Gett driver, Justice is able to use bus lanes and transit lanes, a time-saving benefit that minicabs or private hire vehicles offered by Uber and Addison Lee can’t provide. He maintains a scrupulously clean cab and prides himself on going above and beyond, pointing out London landmarks and sharing trivia about the city. He also adheres to Gett’s ‘closed door’ policy, making sure his evening and night passengers enter their buildings and close the front door before he drives away. And if he has any problems or issues, he calls Gett 24/7 for support.

Artboard 8

What is your time window for pick up?

Quantity’s important. So is strategic coverage. It’s not just about the number of drivers a service can boast, it’s how many drivers the service has within striking distance of your location which dictates their speed of arrival.

Gett’s corporate clients see their cars on the Gett app within 10 minutes of confirmation in New York City and within 5 minutes in London. Gett customers receive the photo and the GPS location of the driver once en route. If they need to contact their driver for whatever reason, the app allows one to call the driver directly.

What is included in my company’s Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Does the SLA you’re considering offer fixed pricing for established routes that won’t change during high demand periods? Can you pre-book service for employees’ upcoming trips? Can the service assign one or a group of taxis to any request?

Tailored options and consistent pricing are standard in Gett SLAs. Gett offers a special flat rate structure with no surge charges for businesses and corporate VIPs.

With eight years of experience in managing livery and black car services across New York’s five boroughs, Gett NYC Head of Drivers Jean Alfred expects a lot from team, for good reason: “The black car customer wants timely, courteous and clean service. If they ordered a car for noon, it must be to the location by noon. If the rate is X from point A to B, that is their fixed rate. Cars must be clean and dependable. Our service must be far above yellow cab and livery services. When our corporate customers receive this level of attention, they will use our service over and over again.”

Gett UK black cab driver William Justice agrees: “Our business customers don’t want to have to think about how we are taking them to their destination. And they definitely don’t want to see that the driver is hesitant about where they are going, which can be very dangerous in heavy traffic. I was trained to know London like the back of my hand, so when passengers are with me, they feel safe.”

How difficult will it be to migrate from our company’s current ground transportation provider(s)?

Corporate travel departments should do a thorough review of their employees’ needs and administrative requirements before migrating their private sedan, car, cab or limousine services to a tech-enabled transportation companies.

Gett B2B White Paper FINAL Rev8 30.6.15.docx (1)

While each company must evaluate the administrative burden of making the switch, adding another transportation vendor on a special use basis can help it compare services and cover unexpected or emergency transportation needs.

Gett offers companies easy-to-use booking, confirmation reporting and invoicing through a centralized web based system and within its mobile app. Gett emails company administrators completed expense reports that detail their rides. At the end of each month, Gett emails reports to company travel managers that provide the number of employee rides, costs, and other data that can help them plan future travel and stay on budget. What’s more, Gett’s dedicated account managers work with each company’s contract managers to define their policies and best execution for the company’s role out of its Gett corporate transportation program.

Gett’s cloud based data system and email notifications make access, analysis and reporting of a company’s travel expenses seamless. So Gett can easily exist as another option in a company’s transportation vendor portfolio while continuing to meet businesses’ procurement, data tracking and reporting requirements.

What are other companies choosing for their corporate ground transportation?

The world’s best companies have chosen Gett for its comprehensive liability management, cost predictability, pre-booking service and 24/7 local customer care. Gett is already used by half of the Fortune 500. It services five top consulting firms, six top international banks, four top accounting firms, seven top internet firms and more.

Gett B2B White Paper FINAL Rev8 30.6.15.docx

Let’s go back to the two taxi passenger scenarios in New York and London. What can they do to avoid frustration the next time around?

By pre-booking their rides from JFK or Heathrow on the Gett app – either individually or through their company’s travel manager – these time-crunched business travelers will have their ground transportation waiting for them at the baggage claim, holding a sign with their name. They’ll get a clean, comfortable ride in a quality black cab or car. They’ll get a professionally-licensed, trained and safe driver. And they’ll have peace of mind knowing that their car/cab’s time in transit won’t cost them extra during high-volume surge periods.

Artboard 7

Why signing up with Gett makes sense for your business.

While ‘bucking the system’ has created legal issues and undermined credibility of the tech- ride industry’s largest player, in contrast Gett collaborates with private ground transportation’s best companies and drivers. By respecting and working with each country and city’s private transportation rules and services, Gett is serving business customers at a much higher level. By asking passengers to rate its private car and black cab drivers, rewarding them based on customer reviews, and helping them automate their businesses, Gett is defining the future of corporate transportation.

Gett for Business is available nationwide in the UK and has recently launched in New York City.

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