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  • For your convenience, we only accept payment via credit or debit card (no pre­paid or gift cards). Before you take your first ride, you must input your payment information, which will be stored in your account. If you need to payment information, tap ‘Payment Settings’ from the main menu.

  • Additional charges may apply to your trip, including tolls based on E-ZPass rates, surcharges, or other fees. These charges are automatically added once the ride is completed.

    For rides that have a destination located in a state that’s different from your pick-up area, you may be assessed a $20 Interstate Surcharge. This surcharge covers expenses the driver incurs when completing the ride, plus the time and expense for the driver to return to their primary service area.

  • Once you book a ride, a temporary authorization hold will be placed on your credit card to verify the payment method. The temporary hold amount will be 25% of the Firm Quote, which is the upfront fare that you see before you order.

    This temporary hold is not a charge. All holds are reversed within two business days. If the temporary authorization hold has caused an overdraft fee on your account, please contact your financial institution.

  • You may cancel your order without incurring charges within 5 minutes from the time the driver is assigned and on the way.

    You will receive a ride cancellation fee for the below instances ($5 for Deal & Standard and $10 for Premium & SUV):
    • If the customer cancels after 5 minutes from requesting the ride
    • If the customer cancels after the driver has already arrived
    • If the customer fails to cancel and does not show up for the ride after 3 minutes

    For future bookings, cancellations made within 40 minutes of the provided pickup time will incur a ride cancellation fee of $5 for Deal & Standard and $10 for Premium & SUV.

    Please note: if your driver is running more than 5 minutes behind the provided estimated time of arrival, and you cancel the ride, you will not be charged a ride cancellation fee.

    If you would like to dispute a ride cancellation fee, please email nyc@gett.com.