Top Gett Press Mentions ­ U.S.

  • The Verge(with 12.2 million unique monthly visitors): Chris Ziegler posted a story about the driver pay announcement titled “Gett is undercutting Uber’s commissions in New York to entice unhappy drivers.” The article highlights Gett’s “10 percent take from fares — a commission that undercuts Uber by at least 10 percent” and the fact that Gett lets passengers tip their drivers, unlike Uber. He also notes that “the difference in commission is substantial.”
    Run Date: May 12, 2016
    Link: The Verge
  • Digital Trends (with 6.4 million unique monthly visitors): Contributor Lulu Chang covered the launch of Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back Guarantee. She described how the program works and wrote that “Gett has long hung its hat on a no­surge model, and now, in addition to its impressive $10 rides for New Yorkers below 110th Street, the company is taking aim even more sharply at competitors with this new guarantee.”
    Run Date: January 13, 2016
    Link: Digital Trends
  • MSNBC The Docket (with 4.5 million unique monthly visitors): Shahar appeared on a segment of MSNBC The Docket with Host Seema Iyer. Seema asked Shahar several questions about Gett’s anti­surge pricing stance, mentioned the Surge Sucks campaign, chatted about the $10 flat rates below 110th St and was overall very enthusiastic about Gett. She said that she was going to download the app and was looking forward to using it.
    Air Date: December 8, 2015
    Link: MSNBC The Docket
  • New York Post (with 13.4 million unique monthly visitors): After meeting with Shahar during his stay in NYC, tech writer James Covert published a feature story on Gett titled, “Uber Rival Gett Doubles NYC Fleet for $10 Flat­Rate Rides.” James wrote about Gett’s major increase in drivers since this summer, drop in response time to 5 minutes, and overall growth over the past few months. He also mentioned Gett’s fundraising and included a photo of a driver’s Gett app (provided by the NY Post’s photographer).
    Run Date: December 14, 2015
    Link: New York Post
  • Entrepreneur(with 4 million unique monthly visitors): Catherine Clifford wrote about Surge Sucks, saying “Gett, which offers $10 flat rides in Manhattan, is seeking to capitalize on that furor by positioning itself as the anti­surge pricing, transparent alternative.”
    Run Date: November 4, 2015
    Link: Entrepreneur
  • TechCrunch(with 3 million unique monthly visitors): In her article “Gett, On A Mission To Take Down Uber, Launches “Surge Sucks”” writer Jordan Crook describes Gett’s $10 flat rate rides, corporate accounts, and Surge Sucks program. She also links back to the Surge Sucks website and mentions the $1,000 prize.
    Run Date: November 10, 2015
    Link: TechCrunch
  • NBC News (with 18 million unique monthly visitors): In his article “Gett Takes Shot at Uber With ‘Surge Sucks’ Program,” Keith Wagstaff writes, “Even people who love Uber get annoyed by surge pricing. Rival ride­hailing service Gett is hoping to capitalize on that ill­will with its new “Surge Sucks” program.” He also links back to the Surge Sucks website and embedded a video in the article detailing Uber’s recent controversies.
    Run Date: November 10, 2015
    Link: NBC News
  • CNBC (with 7.9 million unique monthly visitors): News Associate Ritika Shah wrote about Gett’s Surge Sucks program in the article “Hate Uber surge pricing? A rival will give you credit.” She included a quote from Shahar’s interview with CNBC that SGPR placed and featured one of Gett’s OOH ads.
    Run Date: November 5, 2015
    Link: CNBC
  • Forbes (with 44 million unique monthly visitors): SGPR reached out to writer Scott Beyer, who had recently published an article about Uber’s ads in Miami, and scheduled a phone call for him to speak with Ron Srebro. This resulted in an article titled “Don’t Like Rideshare Surge Pricing? Go With Gett,” which focused on Gett’s anti­surge stance and included a photo of one of Gett’s OOH ads.
    Run Date: October 15, 2015
    Link: Forbes
  • Business Insider(with 31.8 million unique monthly visitors): Gett was included in a great video in which video producer Joe Avella tested out Gett and Uber side­by­side and concluded he preferred Gett for a number of reasons, particularly since Gett brought him to his destination in a stylish SUV for just $11.39, while Uber charged him $27.02 (which he says is even without a surge charge!) for a ride to the same destination in a Toyota Camry.
    Run Date: October 23, 2015
    Link: Business Insider
  • The New York Times (with 22 million unique monthly visitors): Gett was featured in a story titled “Need a Taxi to the Airport? Options Expanding Beyond Uber.” Similar to the recent Fortune and Metro New York pieces, the article promotes Gett as ideal for people who don’t want to share their car while highlighting the $10 (south of 110th) deal and surge­free pricing.
    Run Date: August 10, 2015
    Link: New York Times
  • CNN Money(with 9.65 million unique monthly visitors): Writer Sara O’Brien wrote a great article about Gett’s new Out Of Home campaign, positioning it as a strong attack against Uber’s surge fees.
    Run Date: August 17, 2015
    Link: CNN Money
  • Wired (with 16.83 million unique monthly visitors): Writer Davey Alba wrote a tremendous article on the Gett visually­impaired announcement and explains how it raises the bar for Lyft and Uber. The piece is extremely well written and positions Gett as being a leader in maximizing services for all users.
    Run Date: July 15, 2015
    Link: Wired
  • International Business Times (with 8.31 million unique monthly visitors): Technology Reporter Kerry Flynn published an extensive Q&A with Shahar recorded from her deskside.
    Run Date: July 9, 2015
    Link: International Business Times
  • BuzzFeed(with 40.44 million unique monthly visitors): Reporter Johana Bhuiyan wrote an article titled, “Gett Is Bringing Its Corporate Service To New York.” The story highlights Gett’s impressive global success in the B2B space as the background for the expansion of their offerings in the NYC market, and includes several quotes from Shahar throughout.
    Run Date: May 14, 2015
    Link: BuzzFeed